We’re on a mission to improve the way startups get funded

Flowlie envisions a future in which systems go to work for you, not the other way around. We're replacing manual data entry with data-driven decision-making for founders and investors.

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The story behind us

We've experienced the frustration of context-switching between high-impact activities and repetitive and time-consuming (but important) tasks on both sides of the table: as entrepreneurs fundraising and as VC investors deploying capital and supporting world-class founders. After testing nearly every platform on the market, in January of 2021, we came together to revolutionize the fundraising process for founders and investors alike.

The mission behind all our work

We believe the next generation of world-class companies will be built by diverse, underrepresented, digitally-native, data-driven founders, in and outside major tech hubs, with or without a pre-existing network. For them, fundraising will be an AI-assisted process allowing them to find the right capital faster than ever before.

We believe those entrepreneurs will be supported by community-driven, inclusive, diverse, unbiased, and collaborative investors, many of them writing their first angel check or raising their first fund. For them, using systems to analyze opportunities, cut through the noise, and collaborate on investments will be essential.

The community values that drive everything we do

We are building Flowlie to empower the new generation of founders, VCs, solo GPs, angels, syndicators, and scouts.

Built in transparency

Before sharing a deal, make sure the founder consents. Our platform empowers founders to own their data so they know how their deal is being shared and by who.

Leading with information

When a deal is shared, founders gain access to the investor's profile so they can decide who are the right investors for them and who they should focus their time on.

Sharing the right deals

When sharing a deal with another investor, think carefully about who would be a great fit and don't spam your contacts with deals that will not match. Over time, our algorithms will provide better suggestions about who in your network would be the right fit for each startup in your dealflow, thus creating serendipity.

No boxing out, no sharp elbows

If another investor shares a great deal with you and you want to invest, make sure there is enough allocation in the round for them as well. Don't steal from, cheat, or defraud your peers. Build instead of burning bridges. Failure to do so could result in your account being suspended from our platform.

Our team

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