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May 1, 2024
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Top VC Firms in Miami

Learn more about the top VC firms actively backing founders in Miami and South Florida.

Top VC Firms in Miami

Miami's Power Players: Fueling the Rise of Innovative Startups

Miami's VC scene is far from the typical Wall Street image. It's as vibrant and varied as the city itself. Whether you're a pioneer in HealthTech or a disruptor in the FinTech space, there's a VC firm here with the expertise and resources to help you thrive.

Miami Angels:

Investment Focus: Technology startups across various industries.

Investment Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A.

Miami Angels, founded in 2013, is Florida's largest and most active angel network. They offer not only capital but also strategic support and access to a broad network of experienced investors and industry professionals.

Roo Capital:

Investment Focus: Early stage SaaS, Marketplaces, Future of Work, Healthcare.

Investment Stages: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A.

Roo Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments. Founded by experienced operators, Roo Capital provides not only financial backing but also strategic support through their in-house growth and executive search teams, helping startups scale and achieve operational excellence.

Las Olas Capital:

Investment Focus: AI, Digital Infrastructure, SaaS, Edtech, Healthtech, Fintech.

Investment Stages: Seed, Series A.

Las Olas Venture Capital, founded in 2015, is an early-stage investment firm focusing on enterprise technology. Las Olas Venture Capital typically engages in seed and Series A funding rounds, providing both financial backing and strategic support to help companies achieve product-market fit and scale their operations


Investment Focus: Fintech, HealhTech, AI, Machine Learning, AI/ML/Data, B2B SaaS.

Investment Stages: Seed, Series A

TheVentureCity, founded in 2017, is a global venture capital firm and accelerator. The firm provides extensive support beyond funding, including bespoke data insights, operational guidance, and access to a robust network of industry experts.

LAB Miami Ventures:

Investment Focus: PropTech, ConTech,Real Estate.

Investment Stages: Seed, Series A.

LAB Miami Ventures, established in 2017, is a Miami-based startup studio and venture capital firm. They are dedicated to building and investing in early-stage startups, providing not just capital, but also strategic guidance and operational support to help innovative companies grow and succeed in these sectors.

305 Ventures:

Investment Focus: Fintech, HealhTech, IoT, Entertainment, CPG.

Investment Stages: Pre-seed, Seed.

305 Ventures, founded in 2021 and based in Miami, is a venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments in technology-driven sectors. They offer both financial backing and strategic support to help startups develop and scale their innovative solutions. 305 Ventures leverages a robust network and proprietary tools to identify and build high-impact companies with the potential for significant growth.


Investment Focus: Fintech, HealhTech, Education, Enterprise, Workplace Solutions.

Investment Stages: Pre-seed, Seed.

Atomic, founded in 2012, is a venture studio and fund based in Miami and San Francisco. The firm specializes in building and investing in early-stage startups across a wide range of sectors. Atomic operates by bringing together ideas, capital, talent, and resources to start companies in parallel, providing extensive operational support and strategic guidance.


Investment Focus: Developer-First Software, SaaS.

Investment Stages: Pre-seed, Seed.

Boldstart Ventures, founded in 2010, is a venture capital firm based not only in Miami but also in New York. They often serve as the first institutional investor, engaging with founders from the inception stage through pre-seed and seed funding rounds. Boldstart is known for its hands-on approach, helping startups achieve product-market fit and scale to Series A and beyond.

Secocha Ventures:

Investment Focus: Consumer Products & Services, B2C

Investment Stages: Seed.

Secocha Ventures offers not just financial backing but also mentorship and strategic guidance. Secocha Ventures is geographically agnostic, having invested in companies across the USA, India, Israel, and France.

The Future is Bright:

Miami's VC ecosystem is thriving, and these are just some of the key players. If you're a visionary entrepreneur building a groundbreaking company, Miami might be the perfect place to launch. Reach out to these firms to see how they can support your entrepreneurial journey, and let us know if you'd like to be added to this growing list!

Top VC Firms in Miami

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