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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flowlie free to use?

Yes. We have always maintained a free tier to allow companies of all sizes to benefit from our products. We also have paid tiers that include premium features.

Is Flowlie a marketplace for investments?

No. Flowlie is not a deal-sourcing engine, investment firm, RIA, or broker-dealer. Investors use Flowlie for deal screening and network management while founders use Flowlie for fundraising automation.

How do people connect on Flowlie?

Using our magic FlowLinks. Both investors and founders have one. They are easily shareable, have built-in privacy layers, and can always be reset.

Is Flowlie secure?

Yes. We employ the latest and best security protocols and never sell your data to any third parties. Our hosting and cloud computing providers are all SOC II compliant.

Who can see my information?

Only the people to whom you granted access. Flowlie is built with both collaboration and privacy in mind, allowing for just the right amount of transparency.

Do accelerators use Flowlie?

Yes, accelerators and other communities use Flowlie to help their founders fundraise. They create "investor" accounts to invite founders to Flowlie and share their deals with investors.