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Data-driven workflows for founders and investors

Enabling founders to fundraise faster and
investors to close more of the right deals

For Founders

Fundraising doesn't have to be a full-time job when you have an all-in-one Fundraising Hub.

Plan your round

From how much to raise to what's the right valuation, planning a round can be overwhelming. That’s why we built tools to help you figure out the right terms for your business.

Prepare your outreach

Jumpstart your fundraising network with our personalized Investor Database and discover investors that can add the most value to your business.

Share your deck and track access

A deck sharing experience optimized for fundraising. Impress investors with a time-tested one-pager including company background and round information. All tracked instantly.

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For Investors

Spend your time supporting portfolio companies and making investments, not updating spreadsheets and sending emails.

Screen deals faster

Funnel your dealflow through your private and secure FlowlLink and you'll never miss an opportunity ever again.

Keep track of your investor network

Track everyone’s thesis automatically so you can share deals and build relationships with the right investors (no data entry required).

Share the right deals using AI

Leverage our advanced algorithms to predict the best fit investors in your network and securely share the right deals with the right people.

What investors say

350+ angel investors, family offices, and VCs from around the world use Flowlie to screen deals and share them with their network

“A real time-saver"

“Flowlie works: founders love it because it makes their lives easier, and it makes VCs' lives simpler as well. As an ex-VC and angel investor, I know how tough it can be to manage the fundraising funnel, from finding the right investors to communicating effectively with them. That's why I recommend Flowlie to every company I work with. Flowlie helps identify the right investors based on their thesis, size, and fit and simplifies the entire fundraising process. It's easy to use and just works.”

Mike Lightman
Founder & CEO of Hate Your Deck

“An integral part of our process"

“You clearly nailed deal screening. The experience is impeccable, your fit scoring is great, and you provide investors with a one-pager overview for each deal that includes everything they're looking for. The network tracker and deal-sharing capabilities are the perfect extensions of my process. Investors want to help startups, foster community, hear new ideas, and give back to society - this gives them an easier way to do so.”

Rux Muys-Stoian
Founder & Managing Partner of WIT Angels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flowlie free to use?

Yes, it's free to get started! The free version has limited functionality. You will need to upgrade to Flowlie Pro to experience the full benefit and access all features.

Is Flowlie a marketplace for investments?

No. Flowlie is not a deal-sourcing engine, investment firm, RIA, or broker-dealer. Investors use Flowlie for deal screening and network management while founders use Flowlie for fundraising automation.

How do people connect on Flowlie?

Using our magic FlowLinks. Both investors and founders have one. They are easily shareable, have built-in privacy layers, and can always be reset.

Is Flowlie secure?

Yes. We employ the latest and best security protocols and never sell your data to any third parties. Our hosting and cloud computing providers are all SOC II compliant.

Who can see my information?

Only the people to whom you granted access. Flowlie is built with both collaboration and privacy in mind, allowing for just the right amount of transparency.

Do accelerators use Flowlie?

Yes, accelerators and other communities use Flowlie to help their founders fundraise. They create "investor" accounts to invite founders to Flowlie and share their deals with investors.