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Join 1,500+ founders who use Flowlie to plan their rounds, prepare their investor outreach, share their decks and one-pagers, and track investor engagement

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Round builder

Design your fundraise with a guided round builder

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Dilution calculator

Forecast the value of your shares and how much you are selling

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Suggested terms

Impress investors by mastering industry terminology

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Investor database

Discover a curated list of investors fully personalized to your company and stage

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Investor intro paths

Let Flowlie find the best warm intros to target investors

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AI powered deck analyzer

Put your deck to the test before sharing it with investors with our AI deck review [COMING SOON]

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One-pager builder

Show investors exactly what they need to see to make decisions faster with a standardized one-pager template

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Desktop and mobile

Seamlessly share your deck and one-pager with investors in person or over email

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One link for everything

Save time and ensure that everyone is viewing your most up to date deck, round, and company information

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Access manager

Monitor which investors are most engaged and sort by views, view time, and fit score

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Session insights

See detailed analytics on every deck view, from session duration to device type and location

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Investor profiles

Learn about investors’ theses, areas of expertise, and investment preferences

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Flowlie find and contact investors for me?

No. We are not an investment firm, RIA, or broker-dealer. Flowlie is not a fundraising marketplace, but rather a fundraising automation and analytics platform. It is still your responsibility to contact potential investors.

Why is Flowlie better than emailing PDFs?

Flowlie gives you full visibility into who is looking at your deck, sharing your data, and considering an investment. Plus any changes you make to your deck after sharing will automatically be updated. Why send a PDF into a black box when you can quickly learn and iterate with Flowlie?

How can I protect my information?

The information you input into Flowlie is always private and under your control. You are the one who decides who should see what. We'll never share your information with investors without your consent.