Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Flowlie secure?

Yes. We employ the latest and best security protocols and never sell your data to any third parties. Our hosting and cloud computing providers are all SOC II compliant.

Is Flowlie free to use?

Yes, it's free to get started! The free version has limited functionality. You will need to upgrade to Flowlie Pro to experience the full benefit and access all features.

Is Flowlie a marketplace for investments?

No. Flowlie is not a deal-sourcing engine, investment firm, RIA, or broker-dealer. Investors use Flowlie for deal screening and network management while founders use Flowlie for fundraising automation. Investors cannot browse startups on the platform.

Can people invest in startups on Flowlie?

We are not an investment platform and our users do not have the ability to invest in startups through our application. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of our user-generated information nor for its use in investment decisions.

How do people connect on Flowlie?

Using FlowLinks. Both investors and founders have one. They are easily shareable, have built-in privacy layers, and can always be reset.

How do I contact the Flowlie team?

If you want to find out more about our app, or share any feedback, feel free to reach us at anytime.You can also suggest and upvote feature requests on our Feedback Board.

For Founders

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Flowlie and why should I use it?

Flowlie is a fundraising automation platform. It allows you to share your deck, company information, and round details with investors. Flowlie pinpoints how those investors engage with your materials and identifies the investors who add your deal to their pipeline and/or share the deal with investors in their network (and tracks analytics on those second-degree viewers).

Will Flowlie find and contact investors for me?

No. We are not an investment firm, RIA, or broker-dealer. Flowlie is not a fundraising marketplace, but rather a fundraising automation and analytics platform. It is still your responsibility to contact potential investors.

How do I share my deck and one-pager with an investor?

Your unique FlowLink contains all the information about your startup. Copy it from the “FlowLink” tab and send it to investors via email, LinkedIn, or your other preferred channel. Investors will be able to see all the up-to-date information about your company via your FlowLink.

Can I see which investors have access to my info?

You will always see which investors have access to your deck and company information, where your deal sits in their pipeline, and how your deal has been shared.

Why is Flowlie better than emailing PDFs?

Flowlie gives you full visibility into who is looking at your deck, sharing your data, and considering an investment. Plus any changes you make to your deck after sharing will automatically be updated. Why send a PDF into a black box when you can quickly learn and iterate with Flowlie?

Who can see my deck and one-pager?

Only the people to whom you granted access. Your company information will only be shared with the investors who have the right to access it. An investor cannot browse startups on Flowlie. Our platform is built with both collaboration and privacy in mind, allowing for just the right amount of transparency.

Can founders see my information?

Your company information is private and will not be shared with any other founders who are using our platform for fundraising and deck sharing.

How can I protect my information?

The information you input into Flowlie is always private and under your control. You are the one who decides who should see what. We'll never share your information with investors without your consent.

Can I reset my FlowLink?

Yes! You can generate a new unique FlowLink if you feel like the old one got in the wrong hands. Flowlie is built with privacy in mind.

For Investors

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Flowlie and why should I use it?

Flowlie enables you to automatically screen dealflow, more effectively analyze deals, and determine who in your network is the best fit for each deal. Our dynamic profiles are updated by founders themselves, creating a live stream of highly accurate dealflow data synced directly to your CRM.

What type of investors is Flowlie built for?

Flowlie is used by thousands of investors who see a high volume of deals and regularly co-invest and share opportunities. This includes angels, syndicators, family offices, VC firms, and university investor networks.

Can Flowlie be used by accelerators?

Yes, accelerators and other communities use Flowlie to help their founders fundraise. They create "investor" accounts to invite founders to Flowlie and share deals with investors.

Can Flowlie be used by angel investors?

Flowlie is used by hundreds of angel investors, as well as first time fund managers, micro-VCs, syndicates, scouts and other early stage investors. Our platform is intuitive to use and has all the features you need to manage and share dealflow.

How do I receive a deal from a founder?

As an investor, just copy your unique FlowLink from the respective tab and send it to the founder. You can also add it to your email signature, social profile or as a “Pitch Me” button on your website. They will be prompted to attach a deck and submit info on their company and round if they do not already have an account. The deal will then be automatically shared with you.

What information am I getting from the startups?

Founders share their decks, round details, and company information such as their legal entity, business model, traction, founder background, and much more via Flowlie.

Can I manually add companies and investors?

No, but we made it super simple for you to invite founders and investors. Each member of our community is responsible for their own profile, ensuring our data is the most accurate available.

Can I modify the startup information?

The startup profile and deck can only be modified by the founder thus creating a single source of truth and allowing investors to work on the most up-to-date data. You can privately set a rating and a priority ranking to each startup that is visible only to you. This ensures data accuracy while also giving you the ability to add a second layer of information that is private to you.

How do I add an investor to my network?

Navigate to the “Investor Network” tab and invite the investor by entering their email and a note. Should they accept, they will be added to your contact list and you'll be able to share deals natively in the app. This way, you and your trusted network can collaborate more effectively by leveraging startup-investor fit scores and tracking which intros lead to deals. You can also click on an investor’s FlowLink to connect with them or share your own FlowLink for others to click on.

How do I share a deal with an investor?

You can share a deal you have access to with your Flowlie contacts in-app. Alternatively, you can copy a uniquely generated DealShare link and send it to another investor. When you share a deal natively in the app, you will have the option to add a note and take advantage of our smart sharing suggestions.

Can anyone else see my deals?

No. Your dealflow is visible only to you and will not be shared with anyone unless you explicitly do so.

Who can see my investor profile?

Your profile, including but not limited to your name, role, firm, investment stage, geography, and industry, will only be shared with:
- The investors you connect with
- The founders of deals you have access to
- Investor Discovery: our smart database for founders to search for investors who are a good fit for their startup (founders will not see your contact info unless you specify it).

Can I reset my FlowLink?

Yes! You can generate a new unique FlowLink if you feel like the old one got in the wrong hands. Flowlie is built with privacy in mind.